“App-enabled BB-8™ set a new standard for creating authentic Star Wars experiences within the real world. This Droid™ is far more than just a toy, and its packaging delivers on that promise. Each element is built and designed with simplicity and elegance.”

“Both the inner and outer rigid boxes are finished with a matte soft-touch laminate, appealing to the customer’s tactile senses and reinforcing the premium aesthetic. The outer structure’s design is bold, iconic, and representative of the Star Wars brand. Side panels showcase hardware and software features, while the front and back panels expand upon the Droid’s character and technological attributes.”

A product so revolutionary required equally exciting packaging, but also be suitable for the Lucasfilm Ltd. brand have created it. The packaging looks like something you would imagine for a machine of the future — sans serif text, a realistic image of the product inside, gender-neutral, and primarily made up of whites, blacks, and grays for simplicity. Extra effort went into making the opening of the box itself a bit of an event.

“The three-second friction fit builds excitement for the owner as the outer box is removed, revealing an authentic shipping crate from the Star Wars galaxy. We worked closely with the Lucasfilm team to ensure all the details of the inner box design were accurate. The owner is then presented with a simple one-sheet quick start guide upon opening the shipping crate, followed by the presentation of the Droid. After all the layers and anticipation, the Droid you’ve been looking for is presented in a dense EVA foam to complete the unboxing experience and launch your imagination into a galaxy far, far away.”